About us

Pink Lizard Promotions was started 11 years ago by Kate Duffield and has grown into a business with a very high percentage of repeat business due to their fantastic customer service.

We have the old fashioned values where customer service is paramount and that is hard to find these days in a world of fast turnarounds and cheap prices but genuine service is key to a great customer relationship and that’s why our customers use us again and again.

We are based in Norfolk in the East of England but we really do deliver products UK and world wide, we have clients in Iceland and America so no matter where you are we will do our best to find and delivery the best products for you.

Why work with us? Kate understands marketing having worked for some of the biggest corporations in the UK and although we may not be the biggest players in the world of merchandise we will take the time to understand what you want to accomplish and recommend

The best products for your budget.

We have done many exhibitions over the years and know that in order to stand out from a sensory overload of options you will be the one that your potential clients will come to after the event because you gave that gift that was a bit different or useful and they will want to know more about you.

And to top it off we have the 2 office sausage dogs to keep us on our toes with Bobby and Leo leading the way.