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Watch our handy video to learn how to best use promotional merchandise and corporate gifts to advertise and support your business:

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Use Promotional Merchandise to:

Say thank you to your customers and employees.

Make clients feel appreciated.

Increase user brand loyalty.

Put a smile on someone's face!

Ultimately this all means that people will remember your business!

Keep in mind that a promotional gift will have the most impact if the recipient finds it useful.


Some Facts and Figures About Promotional Merchandise:

Recipients of promotional merchandise are six times more likely to feel appreciated than using mediums such as TV, web, print and direct mail.

Pens, notepads, calendars and mugs are considered the most useful promotional gifts for office workers. 

96% of respondents believe that receiving promotional products and corporate gifts will increase brand awareness.

83% of those surveyed can name a brand or company featured on a promotional gift.

82% of respondents said that they went on to purchase a product or service from a company that had given them a branded promotional item.

50% of these people believe that receiving the gift was what gave them the incentive to use the company advertised on the product.


So, there you have it! Use promotional products to increase return on investment and promote your business. Contact us for more informationn.


Achieve great ROI with promotional merchandise