Show-off Your Eco-Credentials and Begin a Sustainable Revolution for your Business

Being eco-friendly and offering sustainable options in your business is undeniably important in today’s world. In the last few months, there has been an ever-increasing spotlight on the fight against disposable plastic and the pollution it is causing for the ecosystem.


If your company is able to replace disposable items for sustainable branded products it helps promote your business and the environment in equal measure. Not only will you be helping to cut down on waste within your company but you will also be promoting your business as one that really cares about making a change and is committed to a greener future – a campaign which is sure to get conscientious customers on board whilst making a genuine impact.

Companies can easily implement a multi-pronged approach in this respect. On the one hand, handing out business gifts has never lost its appeal (especially if it is a useful and thoughtful item for the client or customer) and will help generate leads and establish loyalty, but it can also make your office, showroom or premises a more environmentally-friendly place to work and visit.

For example, why not swap flimsy disposable cups for the innovative PLA coffee cup or plant cup – this sturdy and practical tumbler is made from 100% biodegradable plant materials including corn, cassava, sugar cane and sugar beet and has a 0% petroleum content – it’s even microwave and dishwasher safe to boot! Or, on warmer days, throw away those plastic bottles and use an insulated bottle which will keep drinks cooler for longer – all whilst helping to promote your brand.

plant cup, recycled umbrella and calculator and bamboo notebook

If you’re a retail business, then there’s heaps you can do – all for relatively low cost! Try and avoid plastic packaging in your store where possible and swap it for alternatives. Why not choose paper bags instead of plastic that can be recycled at home? Just one simple step which looks great and will encourage greener choices too.

For business to business initiatives, one key trick is to choose items which are also useful. Did you know you can order a fully customisable umbrella made from 100% recycled materials? Perfect for golf events or those working outdoors. Or, back in the office, there are hundreds of options out there for sustainably-made stationery which will always come in handy from calculators made from corn starch to pens made from recycled denimpencils made from recycled paper and bamboo and cork notebooks.

recycled pen, notebook, lanyard and bag

So, leave the single-use plastic behind and make waves in your industry by decreasing your waste and promoting a greener future – and, don’t forget, recycled and biodegradable promotional items are a great place to start!


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