Go Postal!

Go Postal! It May Seem Retro But It Can Guarantee Results For Your Business. According to a recent survey, 82% of people said that they went on to purchase a product or service from a company that gave them a free promotional gift. This is undoubtedly an excellent return on investment.

Post Boxes

Here are four reasons to send out branded items in the post for B2B companies:

  • Sending out well-presented letters with a branded treat in the post to a point of contact are a sure way to avoid those email spam filters! What’s more, people won’t just click delete without opening your message first. It sounds obvious, but sometimes doing things the old-fashioned way can work wonders as prospective clients are much more likely to spend time looking at something sent to them in the post - you'll be amazed at just how many options there are for flat-packed products!
  • Make it personal – many decision-makers say that they are much more likely to react well to a “warm” prospect – so make sure you include their name and the business name in the letter’s content (make sure it doesn’t sound forced!) and write a short line on what you can do specifically for them in their business. Where possible, personalise the gift too. For example, a car air-freshener for someone working in the automotive industry. If this isn’t possible, choose an item which is sure to be a winner for the majority of your clients. Most people will use a screen at work (either a computer or a mobile device if they’re out in the field) so why not choose a screen cleaner as a cost-effective option which is small and light to keep postage costs down.
  • It will stay on their desk – clients like to have something physical to remember a company by. Letters, cards and emails will soon be binned or filed away but a useful item such as a pen or notebook which is likely to hang around on a client’s desk for months to come will serve as a constant reminder that your company is there, interested and ready when your client decides to pick up the phone.
  • A cost-effective marketing method: yes, you’ve got the obvious costs of paper, ink, postage and your promotional item but you are directly targeting prospective clients rather than using AdWords or social media campaigns which are much easier to ignore. Try a bi-annual mailshot with a promotional item and it is a guaranteed effective use of your marketing budget with a strong ROI than most other marketing mediums.

So, avoid the email spam filters and send out a promotional item in the post – something tactile, light and cost-effective such as card holderswebcam covers and screen cloths work a treat and prove useful items that your clients are likely to keep handy. What’s more, every time they use that item they will be reminded of your business – it’s win-win for everyone!


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