Take Our Quiz to Help Pick the Right Promotional Pen for your Business!

This week on the blog we are sharing some of our tips about our favourite promotional pens which can do wonders for your business.

Here at Pink Lizard Promotions in Norfolk we offer a whopping range of 1000s of pens to suit every taste, budget and purpose.

Branded promotional fountain pen

Take our quick quiz to help you pick the right pen for your business:

What are you most likely going to use the promotional pens for?

A. For our customers to fill in forms and questionnaires
B. As a giveaway at events
C. For our clients to use and keep
D. For a corporate event

What’s your budget?

A. Under 30p a unit
B. Between 50p and £1.00 a unit
C. £1.00 to £2.00 a unit
D. Over £2.00 a unit

Would you like some extra features like a stylus or highlighter?

A. I’m not fussed!
B. Sounds nice
C. Yes, please
D. Definitely!

Would you prefer a metal or plastic pen?

A. Definitely plastic!
B. Maybe plastic but I’m interested in seeing metal pens in the price range
C. I’d like to look at metal pens or a high-quality plastic pen
D. Definitely metal or maybe a pen made from wood or other, more unusual material

What are your printing requirements?

A. A one colour print is just fine
B. Probably two colours or maybe engraved
C. Engraved or a full colour print
D. Laser engraving, domed or something out of the box!

How many do you need?

A. More than 5000
B. Around 1000
C. About 500
D. Just a few


choose the right promotional pen for your business


So, how did you score in Pink Lizard Promotion’s Promotional Pens Quiz?


Mostly As – You are looking for a good, budget pen in a large quantity.


High-quality promotional pens


Great promotional pens in this price range include the Super Hit ClearFrosted Espace Ball PenBaron Pen and the Challenger. Of course, they all have many colour, style and branding options in order to perfectly match your business's style!


Mostly Bs – Take it up a gear!

Affordable Promotional Pens


Choose from the Sinatra Matte Metal BallpenCurvy HighlighterMop Head Stylus Pen or the Curvy Soft Feel Ballpen


Mostly Cs – Choose a high-quality metal or plastic pen with additional features like a stylus or highlighter on the other end.

Special promotional pens


Stylish pens that your customers will just love to keep handy! Options include the Milan Ball Pen, Bogart Gold Metal Ball PenBowie Stylus Soft Touch and the Izmir Ball Pen


Mostly Ds – We offer a fantastic range of branded Parker Pens and other fountain pens which will really make your business stand out to your most important clients.

Outstanding promotional pens


Top of the range promotional pens which can be engraved with stunning finishes and features. Branded pens in this selection include the Harlequin Ball Pen, Parker Sonnet Fountain PenLennon Ball Pen and Park Jotter Ball Pen


Do you have a tight deadline to meet? At Pink Lizard Promotions we have 100s of items which are available with an express service – meaning we can get your pens to you in time for that important event, campaign or conference stress-free!

If you have a little longer, why not pop into our showroom in Dereham, Norfolk (approximately a half hour drive from Norwich) and have a chat with our experienced staff about which promotional products would best suit your business and create effective and consistent return on investment.

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