Get Sporty

It’s undeniable that a workforce with a healthy and active lifestyle are more productive during their working day. It’s no wonder that more and more companies are offering in-house gym facilities and showers, cycles schemes and free fruit to keep up staff morale!

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Whether you’re a huge multi-national or a small start-up, there’s plenty of easy ways to encourage a more active lifestyle in the office:

  • On average office workers spend just under six hours a day at their desk. That’s a lot of inactivity which can make staff feel restless and unmotivated. Rather than giving staff an hour lunch break – why not offer the option of a half-hour break with two fifteen minute breaks where they can get some fresh air or have a short walk to break up their day?
  • Or, why not offer a yoga or exercise class as part of an employment package? This could be a weekly or even monthly event which is not only good for breaking up the working week with something active but it will also promote a team ethic – where everyone can get involved with a fun activity. Did you know that you can get loads of items like yoga mats, weights and sports towels customised to rep your business whilst your team shake out the stress of the work day? You could also speak to your local gym or health club to see if you could get a discount for your employees that visit on a regular basis.
  • Swap the biscuits for fruit! Want to encourage your staff to eat healthily? Well, everyone loves a freebie so make healthy eating a breeze by swapping unhealthy communal snacks like biscuits for free fruit and other healthy snacks in the office.
  • Stay hydrated! It’s easy to forget to keep sipping that water when you’re stuck at a desk. Provide your staff and clients with reusable water bottles with a large volume so that they are encouraged to drink more – and they can do so whilst promoting your brand too!
  • Inactivity in a stuffy office is only going to help germs spread – so save money by helping staff to ward off illness which may lead to them needing time off work. Why not offer office survival kits to new starters to have on their desks? With wet wipeshand sanitizer and more it’s a cost-effective way to keep those germs at bay!
  • Encourage staff to work or cycle to work: This may not always be possible if a team member has a rather hefty commute but often staff living nearby just need a little encouragement to get on their bike! Why not offer incentives like free lights or reflectorsshoe clips or sports bottles to help them ride with ease?

Ultimately, although not all companies have the budget for a state-of-the-art gym, there’s still plenty you can do! Simple initiatives like drinking plenty of water, eating healthily, moving around more in the office and getting active during the commute or lunch break are all simple ways to improve the working environment. You can then reap the rewards of a more productive, alert and motivated workforce with a great team ethic! What are you waiting for? Get sporty this summer!

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